Leading design for an end-to-end customer experience

Wrangler ICONS Portraits


My role

  • Lead digital design marketing initiatives from brainstorming to launch
  • Enhance design workflow process to include creative services team
  • Guide whiteboard sessions and design reviews
  • Design store windows and signage
  • Manage resourcing for props and store window signage
  • Design welcome emails and onsite banners
  • Provide art direction for email sends, in-store messaging, and onsite banners
  • Design and build the landing page experience

Design & Leadership

  • UX Methods and Design
  • UI Design & Development
  • Visual Communication
  • Art Direction
  • Front-End Development
  • Project Management
  • Brand Marketing

For many years, Wrangler almost exclusively sold its products through wholesale accounts like Walmart and Kohls. Men ages 52 and up comprise our largest customer base, and while we recognize and appreciate the value of their loyalty, we also acknowledge the importance of rebuilding our brand to expand the Wrangler appeal.

With a mission to onboard a new generation of loyal customers, my direct-to-consumer (DTC) team—in collaboration with the Wrangler Brand team—launched the Wrangler ICONS™ collection.

Through this new product line, our fashion designers and merchandisers took style cues from Wrangler’s rich past and infused them with a modern sensibility.

Style Guide - ICONS 2019

Creative Direction and Style Guide provided by Wrangler Europe

Sketch Mockups of Assets - ICONS 2019

Mock-Up and Presentation using Sketch and InVision

The ICONS Experience

While Wrangler collaborates with other brands from ModCloth and Urban Outfitters to Vans, Wrangler ICONS™ is a critical part of our long-term mission and strategy because ICONS is an exclusive Wrangler product line.

To bring this product line to market, our Brand team led the charge on coordinating efforts with Wrangler’s European (EMEA) team. After the EMEA team provided the style guide, photography, and video assets, we executed all digital and in-store marketing. We also supported a pop-up shop in Austin, TX.


  • Craft a consistent message and experience across the brand that targets a younger demographic
  • Initiate a design process that includes all creative services team stakeholders
  • Employ a direct-to-consumer, customer-first approach
Monetate Part 1: Finding the CDN Owl Carousel Library and building the Monetate action - ICONS 2019

Monetate Part 1: Found a carousel in our CDN and used it to build the Monetate action

Our Solution

  • Through design review sessions and regular check-ins, we improved communication and collaboration with our overseas team and internal creative services team
  • We adhered to our new branding guidelines to achieve a consistent visual voice, and we delivered a unified message with a music-inspired look and feel emblematic of the energy and swagger of a millennial concert-goer
  • Our direct-to-consumer team created customer-friendly touch points like improved HTML/CSS-based size charts; product page chat session capability; Monetate-injected product details; and on-body fit and style videos for our product pages
Monetate Part 2: Inspecting the Design through Dev Tools - ICONS 2019

Monetate Part 2: From an ICONS product page, inspecting the Monetate action through dev tools

Fligh Case production video loop - ICONS 2019

Flight case props being made for the store windows

Wrangler ICONS™ store windows - ICONS 2019

Final windows in our Denver store

Multi-Channel ICONS Campaign 2019

Desktop and Mobile Landing Page, Tablet Email Sign-Up Form, and Laptop Landing Page Jackets Section

Summary & Impact

The Brand team lead us through the style guide, photography, and a rough cut of the video for the campaign. They laid the foundation for how we were going to communicate the message. It was up to us to figure out how to package it and deliver it to our customers. We formed new bonds as a team and successfully launched a campaign that saw immediate impact over the first three weeks with improved AOV (average order value) and "brand heat". The customer feedback around our fit details and wash stories has been encouraging. In future campaigns, we will continue to push for enhanced details to share with our customers.

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Wrangler ICONS Portraits